Tobania Free Lan Practical information

Can i still join?

Yes you can if you study anything IT or Business related by subscribing using the following link (you can even bring a friend, only till 28/06):


The main event will consist out of 3 main compositions:

  • At Saturday 12.00 o clock we will rock Overwatch competitive matches. Show us your best Genji skills and ask for a lot of healing!
  • Around 16.00 o clock we expect to see some awesome Fifa 2v2 matches. Bring your friend and dominate the playing field!
  • 20.00 o clock will be the time for Cs:Go competitive. CYKA BLYAT! Do we need to say more…

For these three compositions you need to subscribe by sending an e-mail to Pieterjan Kurris. (He is a fellow Tobian and hosting this event with his LAN organization Student Lan).
We will hand out Coolblue vouchers to the winning teams of these compo’s.

Other games

Are you frowning your eyebrows and thinking: “Where is league of legends, age of empires 2, Starcraft 2, hearthstone,…?” Don’t worry! We have got you covered. During these main compositions we will organize “fun compo’s” for whoever seeks to play another game with other people. Our compo admins will be at your service during the whole event. You will also have the opportunity to join our VR Experience during the whole event.

Food & Drinks

We will foresee some food and drinks at several moments during the 24hrs. Red Bull will also join us at Saturday 12h00 for free Red Bull Sampling.
May we ask you to keep our offices clean!

Material you need to bring

  • 1 PC or portable with 1 monitor (+ keyboard & mouse)
  • Power cables & plugs for your equipment
  • UTP cable (cat. 5 or better) (length: 5m or longer)
  • Could be useful: drivers & installation CD’s (if something goes wrong with your PC)
  • Headphones (speakers are not allowed!)
  • Your own ergonomic chair (there’s a chair provided by Tobania for every participant)
  • Make sure every game is installed and updated beforehand.
  • Sleeping bag + matrass if you plan to stay the night and not game through It.

Date & Address

Starting on Saturday, July 1st at 10h
Ending on Sunday, July 2nd at 10h

Tobania Offices Zaventem
Atlaspark – 2nd floor
Weiveldlaan 41
1930 Zaventem

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